Sustainability is a Natural Part of What We Do

ASSA ABLOY is committed to providing products and services that are environmentally sound throughout the entire production process and the product lifecycle. Our unconditional aim is to make sustainability a central part of our business philosophy and culture, but even more importantly is the job of integrating sustainability into our business strategy.

ASSA ABLOY group brands are committed to implementing manufacturing processes that advance this cause. We provide:

  • Lower operating costs - many of our products far exceed ANSI/BHMA standards, translating to longer product life and easier maintenance (plus less waste in landfills).
  • Energy conservation - a clear result of our energy-efficient doors and frames.
  • Healthier and safer for occupants - comes from our using non-hazardous materials and providing effective life-safety solutions.
  • The environmental sustainability coordinators at Group and divisional levels check that necessary policies, programs and tools regarding environmental issues exist and are implemented, while the HR function at the Group and divisional level oversees social and ethical issues.

Examples of how ASSA ABLOY works with sustainability throughout the value chain; at customers', in our factories, in the community and so on.

Case Study
When green isn't enough: meeting the Living Building Challenge

Williams College has long turned to ASSA ABLOY as the standard for its green building products solutions. Its newest building, however, was designed to the standards of the Living Building Challenge (LBC), a certification process developed by the U.S.
Case Study
Sustainability audit reduces risk in ASSA ABLOY Hospitality's supply chain

ASSA ABLOY Hospitality discovered that one of its suppliers in China was not handling chemicals and hazardous materials correctly, which lead to a more sustainable solution and a reduction in risk in ASSA ABLOY Hospitality's supply chain.
Case Study
Water recycling in glass production

Metalind in Croatia increased product quality and reduced water consumption thanks to extra filtration that makes it possible to use the same water in up to 80 production cycles.
Case Study
Consolidation of powder-coating line cuts energy consumption by 35 percent

ASSA ABLOY New Zealand relies on its ability to deliver highly customized product offerings to the OEM market within tight deadlines. Powder coating is a crucial part of the production process, requiring high flexibility in quantity and color variation
Product Stewardship

Product Stewardship

For ASSA ABLOY sustainability is an integral part of product innovation. Every attempt is made to ensure that newly designed products are as energy efficient as possible. The intention is to develop new product concepts that solve customer problems and create customer value, based on sustainable solutions and processes.

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